Export to Excel combo fields

Hi, I have a problem when exporting data to Excel file.
I am using export from PHP.

I get the excel file correctly except for combo fields where I just get IDs of field instead of Labels.

For combos I’m using same configuration to fill grid, and its working fine on grid.
new OptionsConnector();

Is it a fault on grid export to excel or am I missing any step?

Thanks in advance.

I am using export from PHP.
You mean direct export, without client side, right?
It seems we have a problem here, currently linked collections is not used during direct export.
We will check how it can be fixed. Solution will be available in few days.

Ok, thank you.

I attach the two classes modified by myself (gridExcelWrapper.php and gridExcelGenerator.php). I have solved some other issues, perhaps it’s usefull for you.

  1. I added the ability to hide columns. When grid column property hidden = true, I don’t draw it in excel.
  2. I added the align property to excel data. It was working just for titles.
  3. I changed the cells width multiplier. Now it looks better in excel.
  4. I saw the class is prepared to use a data type excel: $ column-> Attributes()->excel_type. But this attribute is not defined in the grid. To fix this I added the grid types (ro, ron, txt…) to the switch instruction.

Thanks again.

dhtmlxExportServer.zip (4.25 KB)

Modifications (1),(2),(4) included in the main codebase. ( thank for provided code :slight_smile: )
Fixed files ( export of collections ) are attached.
export_tools.zip (4.24 KB)

Thank you! it’s working now!