Export to Excel - dhtmlxgrid_export.js


I’ve been trying to use:


I can’t seem to find where this required include is:

This is the version that i have: dhtmlxSuite_v25_pro_91111

isn’t dthmlxgrid_export.js included with this?


dthmlxgrid_export.js is not included in this grid version. You should download export package here dhtmlx.com/x/download/regula … 100909.zip

ok thanks.

sample’s all in PHP.

is java/jsp supported?

Yes, Java is supported. dhtmlx.com/blog/?m=201101

Hello I am also trying to use this feature and have the following issues:
1.the mentioned js file is not in the zip provided.
2.Is there any Coldfusion code that I can use as converting from php does not seem to be an option

I have a question on the page: docs.dhtmlx.com/doku.php?id=dhtmlxgrid:excel&s[]=export&s[]=to&s[]=excel

It says the php package includes the following , the only directory I find is “lib”

./client - copy content of this folder into “codebase” folder of the grid, this is client side of export extension;
./server - you need to place content of this folder inside www root ( with php enabled ), this is server side of an export extension;
./sample - just a sample of usage.

Another question is does the standard version support this feature?

you can dhtmlxgrid_export.js from attachment (it’s included in the last dhtmlxGrid package into codebase/ext directory).
The last server side for PHP and Java is available here:

There is no any code for ColdFusion. You may use php-connector to export directly from php without client side.

Standart version supports this feature.
dhtmlxgrid_export.zip (2.81 KB)

I was having the same issue. The dhtmlxgrid_export.js is under the dhtmlx\codebase\ext folder.

I required the example of export to excel in asp.net

hi, here is an example
s3.amazonaws.com/uploads.hipcha … oExcel.zip