Export to Excel/PDF not working

I copied both the wars in my tomcat webapps folder. And as per the instruction i am calling
grid.toPDF('http://localhost:8080/XML2PDF/generate', 'color') on click of the button .

But for some reasons in ExcelGenerator class

String xml = req.getParameter("grid_xml"); - is giving me null and hence it’s not working.

any reason on why this is coming as null?

You are including ext/dhtmlxgrid_export.js on the page , right?
Both master page and data conversion script uses the same server|port ( to eliminate possibility of cross domain issues )?

yes i am including this js.

Try to update the js file with the attached one.
dhtmlxgrid_export.zip (2.43 KB)

thanks alot sir. working fine now

I was having the same problem with the null returned by

String xml = req.getParameter(“grid_xml”);

The attachment worked for me too. Thanks.