export to grid data...

var csvNew = mygrid3.serializeToCSV ();

It teaches the method which do to use with what kind of, will not know the csvNew absolutely and it is different.


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.serializeToCSV function available as part of “nxml” extension, so file dhtmlxGrid_nxml.js need to be included in your project.

Ther result of serializeToCSV is a string with CSV formatted content ( to be true, it not provide full abilities of CVS, it is “delimited list” mostly ), you can control result by

grid.setCSVDelimiter    -    set used delimeter
grid.enableCSVHeader   -   enable|disable column headers as first row

In common case the result of serializeToCSV is equal to data which was loaded ( if no changes made )

If by some reason result of serialization is not equal to loaded data - please provide sample of used data.