Export to iCal and print selecting printer


I want to include an option to export shown calendar to iCal. But I don’t know if it is possible or not.

Also I want to put another option to print week calendar. I need to give the oportunity of choosing printer ( real printer or pdf creator for example)

I don’t want to print or export just events on database because I want some users to be able to put new events on calendar but when they close webpage that events get lost. But they have to be able to print them too or to export to iCal.

I am able to export to iCal. I got one rar file from this forum and now I can do it.

But I have one problem. I am using recurrent events and in my ical convert file don’t have all fields.
Fields that don’t appear in ical convert function are:
rec_type varchar(64)
event_pid int (11)
event_length int(11)

I add them this way:
ical.push("BEGIN:VEVENT"); ical.push("DTSTART:"+format(ev.start_date)); ical.push("DTEND:"+format(ev.end_date)); ical.push("SUMMARY:"+ev.text); ical.push("REC_TYPE:"+ev.text); ical.push("EVENT_PID:"+ev.int); ical.push("EVENT_LENGTH:"+ev.int); ical.push("END:VEVENT");

But they appear on ics file as undefined. What am I doing wrong?
What is the best solution for my problem? I want to be able to export it to ics file and after that import it to outlook for example. I would want to have recurrent events in outlook in the same way as here.

Format of “rec_type” is not compatible with ical standart. So even if data will be included in export - it will not be rendered correctly by outlook.

So I shouldn’t export rest of fields, should I?

That means that I can’t use recurrent events on ical… Well, I look for another way to do it. But I can export normal fields. Can I export all fields to xml?

I have another problem about this: I can export before add or ban any event. After that, save button doen’t work. With serialize example I get the same result

What’s about print shown calendar??

You can’t export info about event’s recurring. At least not without extra data conversion.

What’s about print shown calendar??
Export to PDF functionality will be released in nearest time.

Can u suggest how to do it?

i too would like to synchronize events from outlook to the calendar. how to do this?

which rar file did you use? if you could post here.

how did u implement the follwoing functionality

  1. import to ical format from outlook
  2. add imported ical format events to Calendar?

Many Thanks