Export to Ms Project(.mpp) file


Your current exportToMSProject module, produces a xml file. I wanted to know if there a method to export to .mpp file extension.

Also I found that you guys have a Local export module to MS Project +$350 Present at https://dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dhtmlxGantt/commercial/ , what are the specifications of that module. Does it contain a functionality to export in .mpp or only in xml and whether any support for .mpp will be provided. And how can I buy the module, I only require export to Ms Project module, so how to purchase only that specific module.


Hello Abhinav,
Unfortunately, there is no method to export an mpp file. We use a third-party library to convert the data to an XML file. That library cannot export to an MPP file, and as we depend on that library, we cannot guarantee that we’ll be able to add that functionality in the future.

You can install the local export module on your server and export the data without using the online export service. So, if your server is located in your local network, you don’t even need the internet connection. You can check the specifications and purchase the export module on the following page: