Export to PDF ALL data in Timeline View


Assuming I have this setup (see snippet), where I have so many sections that it now shows a scrollbar (i.e. view that’s essentially “multiple pages”), how can configure the export such that it will print ALL my data?

In my sample snippet, only sections up to “J” is basically exported out. The problem is that there are other data that can’t be printed out no matter what configuration I try. I want to be able to export all of my sections, even if it requires multiple pages to accommodate those not in view.

Edit: the snippet was quickly made and I didn’t bother with the CSS. Clicking on the word PDF will invoke the export functionality. I tried attaching the PDF file, but I guess it’s not allowed on this forum. You can just go ahead and try it out yourselves to see what I’m talking about.

I can open a ticket but I was wondering if anyone else would be able to chime in.


You can use a bigger paper format



or custom zoom level


Cool, thanks Stanislav. I think that approach will work with our client’s business rules.