Export to PDF : column and row text wrapping problem

I am using dhtmlxgrid in my jsp and trying to export the grid data to pdf.I am facing column and row text wrapping problem while “Export to PDF” for DHTMLXGRID in Java.

i read in the forum that this will be fixed in PdfJet version.

I want to know whether this is fixed in current version - “dhtmlxSuite 2013 Rel.1 (DHTMLX 3.6) Standard edition build 131108”.

Pls give me suggestions regarding this.

If not thru this tool, can it be achieved thru any other.

sorry for the delay in answerring.
Could you provide more details?
Which text overflows required space - in header or in data cells?
It would be really useful if you provide link to your page with grid.

Hi radyno,
Here is my jsp page.

I am using button onclick event to generate grid data to pdf.
I am facing column and row text wrapping problem while Exporting to PDF.
It is showing sometext and …(3dots as if sometext left).
Text overflows required in header and in data cells both.
I had also attached screeshot of pdf generated for this code.
pls reply.

it’s a correct behaviour - there is no enough space to show all text and it’s the reason why it’s wrapped.
You may try to change page orientation from Portrait to Landscape. Please, find and open file PDFXMLParser.java and find the follow method:

public double[] getOrientation() {
	return orientation;

You should modify it like here:

public double[] getOrientation() {
	return Letter.LANDSCAPE;

Hi radyno,

I changed the getOrientation function return type in PDFXMLParser.java like below:

public double[] getOrientation() {
   return Letter.LANDSCAPE;

but was not successfull in wrapping text.

Pls suggest me anything else.

without edit original file -PDFXMLParser.java
how can i set this variable - orientation
or how to do setOrientation() ?

Any fix or workaround in the latest version ? Changing the orientation is not fixing our issue.