Export to PDF custom title


Is it possible to set a custom title to include in generated pdf file?
I am generating a product sheet and i woul like to have the product name on the pfd as title.

The toPDF() method takes the third and the fourth (optional) parameters that can be used to set custom header (footer) images for the grid.

To add a header image to the grid:
create an image with the name “header.png”;
put the image to the grid-pdf-php folder;
set the 3rd parameter of the toPDF() method to true.


i only want a custom text and not an image on the header.

Is it possible?

Hi, brandaopj

My question almost same like you at viewtopic.php?f=2&t=50027.
Unfortunately only static image supported for header

this is one basic and missing functionality.
The title could be the grid title for default.

Maybe a new release? :unamused:

I hope like that…at least title and date