Export to pdf header image issue

Is there any way to set JPG files as header image in Exported PDF ?
for now its only supporting the PNG files .

        // the height of the header
        $objSchedulerExport->headerImgHeight = 40;
        // the height of the footer
        $objSchedulerExport->footerImgHeight = 40;
        // the path to the header image
        $objSchedulerExport->headerImg = 'header.png'; => supporting
        $objSchedulerExport->headerImg = 'header.jpg'; => not supporting

Please suggest me how to resolve this issue.
FYI => I’m using PHP in server side.

thank you :slight_smile:

In gridPdfGenerator.php, line 429, you can change img type in the next line

$this->cb->Image($filename, $x, $y, $headerWidth, $headerHeight, 'PNG', '', 'M', false, 96, 'L', false, false, 0, false, false);

Or you can use the online export, available for the latest scheduler, which allows to include any HTML content into the header of the export file.


I changed the PNG TO JPG in image() function parameter , and it worked :slight_smile:

thank you