Export to PDF Online Name Not Working

I am using version 4.2 of the scheduler with the online Export to PDF function. The PDF comes out the way I would like except the name of the file. I used the name option for the function but it still seems to use a random file name.

I tried:

“P06 CCD Cyclic View.pdf”

I was given names like schedulerd1121072.pdf.

it seems working with our samples,

Can you provide a code that you use?

Apparently I missed converting a space in the file name to an underscore. The issue still exists when the name parameter contains a space “P06 2015 CCD Cyclic View.pdf”.

confirmed, you’re right. Seems like the export tool does not support filenames with a spaces.
We’ll add it to the bug list, although it will take some time, not likely to be fixed in a nearest weeks

No problem. In the meantime I just added some javascript to replace the spaces with underscores.

filename = filename.replace(/ /g, ‘_’);