Export to PDF - pass in more parameters like orientation

I am using the MVC code examples for export to PDF using DHTMLX.Export.PDF in my controller… to display a PDF in Week View.

[code]<input type=“button” value=“ToPdf” onclick="@Model.ToPDF(Url.Action(“Export”, “Admin”), ExportColorScheme.FullColor)" />

    public ActionResult Export()
        var generator = new SchedulerPDFWriter();
        var xml = this.Server.UrlDecode(this.Request.Form["mycoolxmlbody"]);
        MemoryStream pdf = generator.Generate(xml);
        return File(pdf.ToArray(), generator.ContentType);


I want to add additional parameters like a header, time-range, etc… how would I do this using the MVC examples?


You can use a JS method with all parameters.

The only thing is to make sure that an url to the export action will be correct, e.g.

Thank you, I’ve used the JS method.