Export to PDF some fails

Maybe it is because all scripts I am including but when I export to pdf year view, pdf is created but no one event is added.

Also, when I try to export to pdf day and week view, no pdf is created. Example works fine with year, day and week.

Any problem known about it?

I have alll same as sample, just with more scripts added

Check the directory , where generate.php resides. In case of generation error, there will be some xml files ( like NNNError.xml ).
If they are - post one of such files here.

There is no error files. It doens’t return error. It just keep downloading a new webpage but never ends. In new web page is where pdf appears.

What’s about year’s problem? it make a pdf but no event is shown. Now I see in year pdf there is no number days neither.

Replace existing php files with attached one.
As result, for any printing attempt XML file will be save ( be sure that folder has write access )
If some view will be rendered incorrectly - post related XML here, so we will be able to reconstruct the issue locally.
scheduler_debug.ZIP (8.01 KB)

Still fails but this 2 files were created.
server.rar (3.16 KB)

Problem was confirmed and fixed, attached are updates for js and php parts
scheduler2pdf.ZIP (8.03 KB)
dhtmlxscheduler_pdf.zip (2.25 KB)

I still can’t create pdf. 2 new errors were created.

And, I get this message in year and month view when I push export to pdf:

getimagesize(./header.png) [function.getimagesize]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory
server.rar (2.06 KB)

Try to update the files one more time, and be sure that JS file are not cached ( dhtmlxscheduler_pdf.js especially )
dhtmlxscheduler_pdf_js.zip (2.25 KB)
scheduler2pdf_php.zip (8.05 KB)