Export to PDF

Hi Team,

The Export to PDF Functionality of DHTMLX is limited and does not respond to applied filters.

It export all the tasks in the current store.

AS per the expectation, it should display only the task which were visible on the screen( means after filtering of task).

Example: Suppose we have 100 tasks on the store but as i apply filter/any Validation, now the current store have on 25 tasks. But now if i export for PDF it shows all 100 tasks.

Please let me know that is it a aware issue for you or i need to do some modification in my code to achieve this functionality.

Thanks and Regards,
Binny Munjal

Hello Binny,
To export only the tasks that are displayed on the screen you need to add the following parameter to the export function:

raw: true

In the following snippet you can click on “Red”, “Green” or “Blue” buttons to filter the tasks and then try exporting using the buttons above:
And in the following articles you can learn more about export features:
docs.dhtmlx.com/gantt/api__gant … topdf.html