Export2excel cannot change the row color


I have the post in there : [url]Too many rows can not export to excel - Suite 5.0 - DHTMLX.

Now I can export the grid table to excel from big dataset, but it cannot change bg color or assigned the row color in grid table use this code:
grid.toExcel(“url to generator”, “full_color”); or
grid.toExcel(“url to generator”, “color”);

please give me the suggestion of it


export to html was designed to export big datasets. It doen’t support full_color mode.
You may just define colors in gridHTMLGenerator.php, but it can’t process real cell colors.


I searched for that functionality too. In dhtmlxScheduler it works perfectly.
If your developers add exporting cell styles and paste it into the resulting excel cells one day, please make a not here.

Thanks a lot.