Exporting a scheduler toPDF

Hi, I am using the composant dhtmlxscheduler to show events .
There are many events on each section. The auto-height mode works well.
(You can see the scheduler on the first attachment).
I work on a project developped in Java.

I try to export this scheduler to a pdf file.
First, i try to use the method “scheduler.toPDF”.
This method exports a pdf , but all the events are not printed (The auto-height mode of the section is not respected on the pdf).
(You can see the scheduler printed on the second attachment).
If I understand well, it works fine because it’s a one page mode.

So, i try to use the multi-page export mode to print all the events (on many pages).
Secondly, i try to use the method “scheduler.toPDFRange”.

The result i get is that :

  • The two date parameters “from” and “to” are not respected.
  • All the events do not appear on each section : The auto-height mode of the section is not respected on the pdf
  • The sections are repeated twice, the second time with no information

Is there a way
-to print all the events with an auto-height mode for the section (even on many pages)?
- to consider the two dates “from” and “to”

Thanks in advance for your answer.


I can confirm the problem.
Existing pdf export works fine in cases similar to default scheduler’s look, but works not so good for complex modes or customization.

We plan to include alternative export functionality in Scheduler 4.1, that will work better in cases similar to yours.

Stanislav, Thanks for your answer.
Do you know when Scheduler 4.1 will be available ?

This version in active development now, you can expect the official release in first part of April.