Exporting Dhtmlx Chart to Excel .csv .xls



I am using a paid license with the full suite of DHTMLX. I want to export the data of my charts (Dhtmlxchart) to a .csv or .xls file and then open them on Excel and do what I want with them.

I saw how to export to image files, but I want to know if there are any sort of option/funtion that enables Dhtmlx chart to export itself to .csv .xls for example.

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You can use our Connector for data export:

docs.dhtmlx.com/connector__php__ … xport.html


DhtmlxChart objects don’t support ‘toExcel’ methods. It’s not a very good idea to create an invisible grid to just have the option to export the data to excel…


I did not recommend to create an invisible grid. You can just run script with GridConnector to export data.


I know, but on that link you can read on the top of the page “APPLICABLE TO: Grid”
and the exemple is for the grid, dhtmlxchart has the same methods?

I don’t have a grid on the website page, just a chart.



Connector is server-side solution. You can have Chart on a page and use GridConnector to generate Excel file. Please download Connector package and find samples/export/excel.php