Exporting Gantt chart to PNG and saving into database

Is there any Gantt Exporter method present So that we can save the exported gantt image in our database instead of downloading in browser. :question:

Check the next sample
docs.dhtmlx.com/gantt/samples/08 … store.html

Here export returns the url of export file instead of file itself. You can use such url to save the file on your server.

thanks for the quick reply.this do work for me but it takes too much time to download stream from image url and save into database.

I purchased dhtmlxgantt pro enterprise edition.So just wanted to know Can you provide Chart exporter method for converting chart into image so that we can directly save into database.We can pay for the exporter .



It possible to install the same export service locally.
If current problem is in network latency - It will improve the data generation speed.

If you need more details about local installation - please contact sales@dhtmlx.com

I am completely confused on a technical level on how this works.
If saving to PDF or image is a server side function, what is the exact API?

I’ve built my own connector using ASP.Net MVC Web API can I just call it from there?

Gantt’s export functionality doesnt require access to your backend. Export sends data from client side view ( from the browser ) to the export server which converts that data to the image or pdf and sends file back.

Normally, export server is export.dhtmlx.com, but there is an option to install such server locally ( in the intranet or just on your own server to control data flow )