Exporting Scheduler events to pdf

I want to export the schedular events into pdf format.I gone through all the documents given for exporting pdf format.I followed all the steps and kept the button in my page.When i clicked the button here is th eerror i am getting

printScheduler($xml); function PDFErrorHandler ($errno, $errstr, $errfile, $errline) { global $xmlString; if ($errno < 1024) { error_log($xmlString, 3, ‘error_report_’.date(“Y_m_d__H_i_s”).’.xml’); exit(1); } } ?>

Could any one solve this and if I go through the code given in the zip file i want to know some thing about
$xmlString = stripslashes($_POST[‘mycoolxmlbody’]);
what is mycoolxmlbody in the above line how can i give the link to my schedular data to pdf.

Cna any one help on this will be highly appreciable.

Normally client side of scheduler serialize info about current view and sends to the server as


Where it processed and converted to PDF

The mentioned php line must create a error xml file for debugging purpose. ( it may fail itself only if current dir has not write access )