Exporting SQL Queries from Select List

I am running SQL 2 Excel for joomla and can’t seem to work out how to change the ‘Select List’ values in the Joomla Scheduler.
for eg:-

I have a select list titled ‘Payments’ under Custom Fields in the Admin panel with 5 options


Problem I am having is when I export them as an xls file , the results are not what I have in the Admin panel . I understand it is using its own labels , But how would I get them to show the Description name I have allocated in the custom fields select list ( As above ) instead of payments_1, payments_2, payments_3 etc ?
Do I need to actually designate the label names? And if so where do i do this
Do I need to change them with my query
At the moment this is my query

SELECT DATE_FORMAT(start_date, '%d-%m-%Y') AS 'Date', jos_users.name AS 'Tech', jos_events_rec.text as 'Name', jos_events_rec.event_location AS 'Address', jos_events_rec.tech_notes AS 'Work Done', jos_events_rec.amount AS 'Amount', jos_events_rec.paid AS 'Paid', jos_events_rec.accountcomment AS 'Comments', jos_events_rec.payment AS 'Payment' FROM jos_events_rec LEFT JOIN jos_users ON jos_events_rec.user=jos_users.id WHERE start_date >= '2011-1-1' AND end_date <= '2011-1-31' AND type='type_4' ORDER BY jos_events_rec.start_date ASC

Any help at all would be appreciated :smiley:

Just a bump as I am still looking for an answer on this :smiley:

Nvm I worked it out

jos_events_rec.payment AS 'Payment', IF(jos_events_rec.sealed='sealed_0','Unknown', IF(jos_events_rec.sealed='sealed_1','Sealed', IF(jos_events_rec.sealed='sealed_2','Cancelled', IF(jos_events_rec.sealed='sealed_3','Postponed','Unknown' )))) AS 'Sealed'

Its nothing to do with the top post above but its for another section but same scenario