exportToPDF: PDFKit vs Qt 4.8.4


To print the Scheduler to a PDF I use the scheduler.exportToPDF() function: docs.dhtmlx.com/scheduler/pdf.h … xporttopdf

Since some days/weeks ago we have problems with the export of the Month view, it is cut and not all the last row of days are missing. I didn’t change anything so I suppose it’s a change from the export online service. Looking for the properties of the generated PDF document I see a difference on the PDF producer:

How can I avoid using the new version? Or how can I fix it?


I’m testing with docs.dhtmlx.com/scheduler/sampl … xport.html and the changing the ZOOM attribute have no effect. Is it a bug?


We can’t reproduce the issue where the last row are missed. Could you please create a sample where we can replicate the problem?

As for zoom, we check this and answer you a little bit later.

We have the app deployed in the Intranet, is not that easy to export a part of it to make it public. If you could solve the zoom problem in your demo maybe I can apply the fix to our app and see if thatfixes the problem.

Could you confirm that you changed the PDF motor the last weeks? And that broken the zoom functionality (and maybe others)?

Yes, I’ve checked the logs and can confirm that zoom has been broken about three weeks ago, we’ll deploy a fix in a couple of days.

Hi again,
we’ve fixed the zoom functionality, please try if it works properly now.

we have problems with the export of the Month view, it is cut and not all the last row of days are missing
Unfortunately we hadn’t faced with with issue yet, but you can try to use ‘scales’ field to manage x- and y- axis separately, please try something like this

scheduler.exportToPDF({scales: {x:1, y:1.2}})

This will force the increasing of y-axis so it should return the missing row back.

How can I avoid using the new version?
Sorry, there is no way to use old pdf export.

Now the zoom has some effect but didn’t fix the issue. I tried to set the zoom to 0.1 but the last row of days are hidden.

I think I’ve found the problem: the dhtmlxscheduler_container_autoresize.js extension

You can reproduce it in this demo. It’s a copy of yours with this extension enabled and some more events added: http://dimas.cat/test.html

With this extension enabled:

  • The zoom property is not applied properly
  • The scales property is ignored (I tried your suggestion y:1.2 and nothing change)
  • The font size is big, etc…

Can you confirm you can reproduce it now?



Please, we need some help on this

We confirm the issue and provide with a solution when it is ready. Currently I can’t specify a particular date.

Please check how export works again.

Working again, thx very much !!