Expose some interface enable handle event by myself


Could you expose these two interface function out, so that I could register event, and handle event by myself?

If you don’t accept this in the official release, could you send a build package with those two interface function exposed?

Also, could you provide the build script file, so that I could change the source code and build the bin file by myself?

Hello Kevin,
Please, contact the support team according to the instructions in the license email to discuss the questions related to the source code.

Hi @kevinyaoooooo !

No problems, we can expose these methods.
Can you please share a general idea of how you’re going to use them, i.e. what kind of events and what for you’re going to attach, what task would it solve?
It’s just so we could better understand the usage scenario. Then we’ll have a better picture on whether we need to update or cover it in our documentation, as of now we don’t actually know if this helper would be useful in public API.

For handling the custom event by myself, including below needs:

  • register custom event handler
  • check if there is handler on certain classname
  • call all custom event handlers by myself

Hello Kevin,
Thank you for the clarification.
I added it as a feature request. I cannot give you any ETA, but I will notify you when the dev team implements that functionality.