Hi Team,

I am using dhtmlx_extdrag.js to drag items from grid to tree.When I drag items from grid to tree it is showing style as 2 messages with allowed and not allowed images.I want to show not allowed on certain tree nodes.How to do that.I tried to modify the dhtmlx_extdrag.js but not got it working .Please suggest any solution.

using this reference sample.

dhtmlx.com/docs/products/docsExp … ?type=smpl

Tried to modify following function from dhtmlx_extdrag.js , but not got working…

function dhx_ext_check(sid,tid,sgrid,tgrid){

    if (sgrid.mytype==“tree”)

     { alert(“tree”); var nm=“id”;}


     { var nm=“idd”;}

    var sid=new Array();

    for(var i=0;i<sgrid._dragged.length;i++)



if ((!this._onDrInFuncA)||(this._onDrInFuncA(sid,tid,sgrid,tgrid)))

     return dhx_allow_drag();


    return dhx_deny_drop()




You can use

if (some_check(sid,tid)) return false; //deny
return true; //allow

where some_check - function wich will define allow|deny rules