external button to refresh scheduler

I have a ok button on the fully custom external lightbox. I need to refresh scheduler to fetch the details from database and generate the eventbox on the scheduler. here is my code:

function Appointmentkendow() {

    scheduler.attachEvent("onEmptyClick", function (id, ev) {
        var obj = scheduler.getActionData(ev);
        document.getElementById('hStartTime').value = obj.date;

    scheduler.attachEvent("onClick", function (id, ev) {

        var a = scheduler.getEvent(id).text;
        scheduler.showLightbox(id, a);

 scheduler.showLightbox = function (id,appid) {
        var a = scheduler.getEvent(id);

        var dialog = $("#Appwindow").data("kendoWindow");
        scheduler.startLightbox(id, null);

this is the okbutton:

[code]$("#btnApptOk").bind(“click”, function () {