External Dependency

Hello there

is it possible to create external dependencies among different projects?

Imagine that I have one project that is called “Project 1” and another project called “Project 234”. They are two different projects with different resources, but now for some reason I need to create a Master project and insert these two projects in this master project, now these two projects become sub-project, and link one of “Project234” tasks to Project 1. Is it possible to do that?
Please see the picture attached.


Sorry, I’m not sure if I’ve got your idea correctly.
Do you want to have the same functionality like in the following video (01:58) but between different projects?
goskills.com/Course/Microso … -Each-Task
If yes, it is possible. You just add a custom column and use a template that will show task names of the predecessors:
If you want to see the parent object in that column you need to modify it a little:

If you want something else, maybe I need to learn more about your idea. Can you show it in several pictures like what was before and then after you linked the tasks?