Externally setting cell value,update not fired


I am setting the value for a cell externally in JS. But the dataprocessor doesnt recognise this as a changed row and hence sendData() is not fired. What should i do to send this row for saving to the server. The solution is of lot of help to me…


This is correct behavior , by default dataProcessor react only on cell which was changed by direct user actions.
To mark cell as updated you can use code similar to next

mygrid.cells(rowId,cellIndex).setValue(new_one);   //set new value
dataProcessor.setUpdated(rowId,true);   //inform dataprocessor about data update

Thank for your help. It works!


I also face the same problem. But i am not using dataprocessor.
so how to mark cell as updated?

The updated flag of cell can be set as
var ed=mygrid.cells(rowId,cellIndex);
    ed.setValue(new_one);   //set new value
    ed.cell.wasChanged=true; //set updated flag

Hi, I am trying to implement the same functionality as the above. What I have encountered is a little different. I have a checkbox which is set at the header of one column, when this is checked, all the checkboxes in the column will be checked. So what I have done is I have outputed a checkbox in the header using this
mygrid.setHeader(“PK,,Quickname,Name,City,Customer Ref,Consignment #,Delivery Instruction”);
And then wrote a javascript function. For testing purposes I have hard coded it to be the first row
function checkAllRow(checkboxValue){
        var edRow =mygrid.cells(‘r0’,1);
        edRow.setValue(1);   //set new value

There is one issue with the display/refresh which I couldn’t figure out, once I click on the checkbox in the header, nothing happens in the grid from display perspective, but if I click my mouse anywhere with inthe grid area, the first row’s checkbox is checked and the cell value is changed as well, is there some sort of refresh function that need to call on the grid to redisplay or refresh?