Extra mouse click on drag and drop

Hi I’m using version 4.4 of the Scheduler. I’m using JQGrid adjacent to the Calendar and I’ve implemented a custom drag and drop that works great.

In order to get that to work I had to do the following.
scheduler.config.drag_move = true;
scheduler.config.drag_lightbox = false;
scheduler.config.drag_create = false;

and “block” the following events: onBeforeLightBox, onDblClick & onClick.
Double clicking was causing the default lightbox to show. The requirement is a custom dialog. All works great.

The Drag and drop events I’m using are onBeforeDrag & onDragEnd.

The problem only for the month view is to end the drag operation, an extra mouse click is needed. In other words, the user does a left mouse button down on the event header, drags it to another day in the calendar. As the user is moving the mouse, the event shadows the mouse. In other words, if I move the mouse to the right, the event goes right. If I move the mouse up, the event goes up. This will continue until a left mouse button down on a calendar cell (in other words, moved the event from April 5th to April 12th, as an example).
For the day and week views and there is a left mouse button up event, it ends the drag operation.

How to get all 3 views to be consistent with each other? How to I get rid of the extra mouse click in the month view?


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