Exucute code after content is loaded

Im loading some html in a windows using attachUrl function.

   [code]     var popup = $MainPage.$MainLayout.dhxWins.createWindow("form", 0, 0, 600, 600);

        popup.attachURL(url, true);[/code]

I’d like to run some JS code which is interacting with the loaded content. But I’m getting errors beacause the content is not ready yet.I noticed the attachURL has not a postback function call.

So have can i solve this ?

It would be nice to have something like

[code] popup.attachURL(url, true,function(){

//some code


Have you attempted to use



How do I know how many miliseconds are needed ?
What if the loading of the page will took longer time then the setted time ?

attachURL(url,true) loads content asynchronously, by Ajax. You may set onContentLoaded event handler that will be called when the response received:

popup.attachURL(url, true);

the event is not fired after the content is loaded

[code] var popup = $MainPage.$MainLayout.dhxWins.createWindow(“form”, 0, 0, 600, 600);

        popup.attachEvent("onContentLoaded", function (win) {

        popup.attachURL(url, true);[/code]

Sorry for the misleading information event handler should be attached to the dhtmlXWindows object instead of a certain window:

$MainPage.$MainLayout.dhxWins.attachEvent(“onContentLoaded”, function (win) {