Facing the Issue with multiple change events on one form

Hello All,

we have an issue related to multiple change events on one form .facing issue while i am doing onchange on form1 form2 is getting called unnecessarily.Guys help me



Try the next sample:

formData = [{ type: "settings", position: "label-left", labelWidth: 130, inputWidth: 120 }, {type: "fieldset", inputWidth: 170, label: "Select 1", list:[ {type: "radio", name: "main_select", value: "red", label: "Red", checked: true}, {type: "radio", name: "main_select", value: "green", label: "Green"}, {type: "radio", name: "main_select", value: "blue", label: "Blue"} ]}]; myForm1 = new dhtmlXForm("myForm1", formData); myForm2 = new dhtmlXForm("myForm2", formData); myForm1.attachEvent("onChange",function(id, value, state){ console.log("form1") }); myForm2.attachEvent("onChange",function(id, value, state){ console.log("form2") });
It shows correctly
What is your issue? May be you haven’t put the parameters?