"Failed to load data" message

I’m just at the beginning of the process of trying Gantt 7.
I’m following the steps for creating a new Gantt project from here : https://docs.dhtmlx.com/gantt/desktop__howtostart_nodejs.html#step5savingchanges

I’ve installed node.js on my server, created the needed tables in my database and configured the server.js file with the right DB credentials. No other additional code was added but the one from the above starting guide.

Here is my Project structure :

  • mydomain/gantt7
    • public folder
      * dhtmlxgantt.css
      * dhtmlxgantt.js
      * index.html
    • server.js

However, when I go to my web page mydomain/gantt7/public/index.html, I keep getting the following error :

Looks like it’s a path error. But I get the same error if I change the path. I can’t manage to get it right.
Or perhaps it’s a problem with node.js listening port ?

Any clues ?


After further and more thorough investigations, there are a few tweeks I need to take care of server side.
Looks like the dependencies of node.js aren’t installed.
I’ll make the necessary adjustments and will get back here to keep you informed if I need further guidance from you.