False 'Impression' in Combobox


When using a Combobox with properties set to “multiselection” and “itemsCount” and then you dynamically set values, the Combobox correctly highlights the option row(s) and displays a blue vertical bar beside each item selected. However, when the Combobox is opened, the first option in the list is always highlighted as well which, if a user doesn’t notice the blue vertical bar, could leave the incorrect impression that the first item is also selected. Is there a way to defeat the highlighting of the first option row when the Combobox is opened? Here is a snippet to demonstrate the problem: https://snippet.dhtmlx.com/cx2hot48.


This is the key navigation focus. Its color differs from the colour of the selected items, though you can change (or disable) it with the following CSS:


Here is the example:


Perfect! Thank you! I appreciate the direction and snippet.