fast mode and split incompatible?


I’m working with a grid which is configured from xml.
In the postload event a series of calculations are done over all the rows in the grid and the result is sent to a footer (no dynamical loading possible as I need the result on all the rows). The operations takes quite some time. At the end of all the calculations a split is performed on the grid.

When I use fast mode the postload event goes a lot faster but it splits the grid incorrectly, even if I stop the fast mode before the split command.
The left side shows the grid splitted at column x. The right side however shows the grid starting at column 0 instead of column x. So the frozen columns are duplicated on the right.

If I remove fast mode everything works fine (although a lot slower).

Is it possible that fast-mode and split are not compatible as is the case with fast mode and forEachRow()?

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In the fast mode, grid doesn’t emmit events, and as result complex behaviors may be broken.
Normally, if you are including only data setters and getters in the fast block ( which is must be enough for calculation purposes ) - there must not be problems.

Also, splitAt command need to be applied before actual data loading.