FATAL ERROR - .getAttribute doesn´t work any longer

The myTree.getAttribute(id,“pos”) in V4.2 told me

.getAttribute is not a function.

If I switch back to 4.13 everything works fine without any code change.

We use the all in one .js

Do you have PRO edition?

Standard Edition - I´ve found some forum threats - so it seems that getAttribute is in PRO only.

If it is please correct the documentation. On the other hand please discuss internally if such basic functions should not be available in standard edition.

I fully understand the availabilty of powerful features in PRO edition only, but such basics??

Advanced xml support is a pro feature, that is why this method is a pro.
You can use similar method - getUserData

About documentation: there is a red “pro” area marker on the right side. About method’s pro-icon marker - we will fix it asap