Faye 1.0.3 and live scheduler updates

We have updated the Faye nodejs module to 1.03, however live updates are no longer working. We are not seeing any errors in the console. Is there an updated server.js file? And is there an updated gridLive_nodejs.zip package? As the one available for download at dhtmlx.com/x/download/regular/gr … nodejs.zip has Faye version 0.7.0 dated 8/3/2012.

Many thanks for your help.

There is no updated package.
I will check the Faye integration sample in next few days and will post updates here.

Just checking for an updated package. What is the most recent version of Faye that has been tested with scheduler live updates. Many thanks.

I am having the same issue. It would be very helpful to get the updated faye library to work with live_updates.js. The one available now only works with version 0.7 dated August 2012. Many thanks for your help.


I am running into some issues with Live Updating as well and was wondering if upgrading would resolve the issue. Is the latest version supported? Or is it still just 0.7.0?

You can grab sample with faye 1.1 from the next thread