[Feature Request] Drag gantt bar between rows

Hi there,

I’ve used timeline feature on asana, one of features on timeline is really useful and convenient, which is: they could drag the little gantt bars between rows, could you guys support this feature in the future, I think this feature could really make DHTMLX-Gantt different compare to other gantt product, I wish you guys could support this.

Hello Kevin,
Thank you for the suggestion. I added it as a feature request in the tracker. I cannot give you an ETA, but I will notify you when it is implemented.

Here an example of how it might be implemented by using Gantt API and Javascript:
It is not an ideal solution, and I didn’t test it under all possible use cases.

Thanks Ramil for your demo, pretty good start, but it is not very stable and not supported officially, I could test this a little, but I’m afraid I could not use this in production, hope we could have this feature to use officially with better UX, DX and stability, looking forward to this feature, thanks.

Any progress on this?

Hi @kevinyaoooooo!

Unfortunately, no progress has been made on this feature so far. It’s in our tracker but we still don’t have an ETA

Hi there,

Are there any progress on this feature request?

Hello Kevin,
The dev team has not yet started working on that feature, and I cannot give you any ETA.

Do you have any plan to support this?

Hello Kevin,
The dev team approved the idea of vertically reordering tasks in the timeline, but it is not planned for the nearest minor release. And I cannot give you ETA on when it is going to be implemented.

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So glad to hear that, thanks Ramil, Hope we could use this feature very soon!