Feature Requests for the DHTMLx Touch Grid

The DHTMLx touch grid would be much more useful if it had the following features built-in:

  • Ability to ‘fix’ the position of a single column when scrolling
  • The column headers scrolled with the rest of the grid
  • Ability to hide columns pragmatically so the grid could fill the screen with more columns when the screen changes size/orientation
  • Ability to set a ‘gravity’ or percentage to width to the columns so they automatically fill the screen


We will consider 3rd and 4th suggestions (hidden columns and gravity sizing) for Touch grid.

The first point is useful, but it is impossible in a current implementation of grid.

The second can be achieved by the following steps:

  • hide header (use header: false in grid config),
  • add one or two rows in the beginning of grid data,
  • modify templates to apply the necessary style for these “header” rows

Any update on these features? I would really like to be able to hide a column.