Features in proffesional edition


I am planning to buy proffessional edition of dhtmlxgrid.

I am using spring MVC framework in our project. So first i tried to load the grid using xml file but it didn’t support so i used html table to load the data into grid.

If i want to add data,delete or update data then i am getting all the new data using rowid’s and iterate all the new data through row id and pass the data to jsp page using ajax. so if there is huge amount of data then there might be a problem. So using the proffessional edition will there be easiest way to send the data to the server.

Ii also need to implement paging,freezing columns.

Will the dhtmlxgrid supports springMVC framework.

Please send the list features available in proffessional edition so that we can think whether it will be useful or not for our project.



1. loading XML file is supported in both Standard and Pro Edition. Moreover, it is basic way of populating grid with data

2. dhtmlxDataProcesor simplifies sending data between clients and server. More details can be learned here: dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dht … aprocessor

3. Pro Edition specific features are:

  • Loading XML from String
  • Frozen columns
  • Smart Rendering (static)
  • Paginal Output extension
  • Merged cells
  • Simultanious Update of Database (dhtmlxDataProcessor)
  • Clipboard support
  • Export\Import from CSV
  • Serialization - possibility to create XML/CSV based on updated grid content
  • Drag-and-drop in/from dhtmlxTree
  • Drag-and-drop of multiple items
  • Move columns with drag-n-drop
  • Copy with Drag-and-drop
  • Math Formulas for cells
  • Footer
  • Customizable Sorting
  • Context Menu
  • Configuration via XML (moved to Standard since v.1.3)
  • Columns move/delete/insert with script methods
  • Various events handlers
  • Wider API
  • Official Support/Update period


4. dhtmlxGrid can work with any server side franwork which can work with Ajax. At the same time there is no native support for Spring framwork.