Few questions about Memory leaks

Dear support,

As I still have some problems (IE crashing in a unpredictable way, for example), I took a look at the amount of memory used in the task manager -> it 's growing each time the page is refreshed, etc, etc… with “no limit”.

I used (for the first time, I must admit) the JS Memory leaks Detector, running with my page, and it shows leaks in some libraries like windws.js, layout.js dhtmlxgrid_filter.js, etc …

So: is it “false positive” ?

I mean the leaks shown are they due only to some settings of JS Memory leaks Detector, and shouldn’t considered as “real leaks” ?

If I want to be sure to clean my page before the unload, I can detachEvents, use the Destructor() method of some objects, etc… but what can be done for Layout and Accordion objects (as it seems that they don’t have Destructor() or something like that) ?




“Memory leaks” in windows is known problem. But unfortunately, it isn’t fixed yet.

We will send you the fixes when it’s ready.

“We will send you the fixes when it’s ready”. Would you like to say us when is this “ready” expected to happen? A week, a month, a year?


The new windows version will be ready in 2 months. It will contain fixes for “memory leaks” problem.