Field time or calendar_time

I put a field of type “time” and calendar_time in lightbox, but when I retrieve the data from these fields is always the value as “Undefined”

var form1 = [
{name:“description”, height:32, type:“textarea”, map_to:“text” },
{name:“time”, height:92, type:“time”, map_to:“auto” },
{name:“cliente”, height:23, type:“select”, map_to:“id_cliente”, options:valoresCombo},
{name:“dtinivisita”, height:92, type:“time”, map_to:“data_visita” },
{name:“id_pedido”, height:23, type:“select”, map_to:“id_pedido”, options:valoresPed},
{name:“id_naovenda”, height:23, type:“select”, map_to:“id_naovenda”, options:valoresNaoVenda},
{name:“id_naovisita”, height:23, type:“select”, map_to:“id_naovisita”, options:valoresNaoVisit},
{name:“details”, height:50, type:“textarea”, map_to:“details” },
{name:“dadcliente”, height:80, type:“textarea”, map_to:“adicional” },
{name:“novadata”, height:92, type:“time” }


how exactly do you retrieve the value? I’ve applied your config and tried scheduler.formSection("novadata").getValue() Control has returned {start_date:…, end_date:…} object, as expected.

If you’re saying that event.novadata is undefinde after you press ‘Save’ in the lightbox, it’s happening because control don’t have ‘map_to’ property specified

However, due to current desing, time control will not only return start/end date, but it will also overwrite event’s start_date/end_date. As the result values of the last time control will be used as event’s start/end time

Thanks. It’s works…

was exactly what I needed. Thank you so much

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