fieldset width

Hi Folks,

I am trying to create a form and place the input elements in fieldsets. I would like the fieldsets to use 100% of the horizontal space available. I have tried setting both “inputWidth” and “with” to ‘auto’ and to ‘100%’, but the fieldset only occupies as much room as needed and no more.

My question is what is the correct item to set the width of a fieldset, i.e. “width” or “inputWidth”, and what parameters can be used with it besides ‘auto’ and I assume an integer?

I am using DHTMLX 3.5 if that is pertinent.




try remove float:left from

.dhxform_obj_dhx_skyblue and

.dhxform_obj_dhx_skyblue div.dhxform_base css classes.

Hi Avalon,

Thanks for the suggestion, it worked like a charm! I also found that setting:

div.dhxform_base { width: 100%; }

works as well. I appreciate your help.