Fieldset with wrong height with absolute pos. for all items.


If I use a fieldset with all my items with absolute positions but the fieldset frame do not extend to the full height of all items.

I get the same result with Firefox, Chrome & Safari.

Here’s the code I’m using:

var formCustInfoStructure = [
{type: “fieldset”, name: “myform”, label: “Information”, width: 450, list:[
{ type:“input” , name:“form_Company”, label:“Company:”, inputWidth:“345”, readonly:true, label Left:“0”, labelTop:“5”, inputLeft:“80”, inputTop:“5”, position:“absolute” },
{ type:“input” , name:“form_FName”, label:“First Name:”, readonly:true, labelLeft:“0”, labelTop:“30”, inputLeft:“80”, inputTop:“30”, position:“absolute” },
{ type:“input” , name:“form_LName”, label:“Last:”, readonly:true, labelLeft:“240”, labelTop:“30”, inputLeft:“280”, inputTop:“30”, position:“absolute” },
{ type:“input” , name:“form_Address”, label:“Address:”, inputWidth:“345”, labelLeft:“0”, labelTop:“55”, inputLeft:“80”, inputTop:“55”, position:“absolute” },
{ type:“input” , name:“form_City”, label:“City:”, labelLeft:“0”, labelTop:“80”, inputLeft:“80”, inputTop:“80”, position:“absolute” },
{ type:“select” , name:“form_Province”, label:“Prov.:”, inputWidth:“134”, labelLeft:“235”, labelTop:“80”, inputLeft:“280”, inputTop:“80”, position:“absolute”, options: [{ text: “Ontario”, value: “ON”}, { text: “Quebec”, value: “QC”, selected: true }, { text: “British Columbia”, value: “BC”}, { text: “Alberta”, value: “AB”}, { text: “Saskatchewan”, value: “SK”}, { text: “Manitoba”, value: “MB”}, { text: “New-Brunswick”, value: “NB”}, { text: “Prince Ed. Island”, value: “PEI”}, { text: “Nova-Scotia”, value: “NS”}, { text: “Newfoundland”, value: “NF”}, { text: “N-W Territories”, value: “NWT”}, { text: “Other”, value: “OTH”} ] },
{ type:“input” , name:“form_Postal”, label:“Postal:”, labelLeft:“0”, labelTop:“105”, inputLeft:“80”, inputTop:“105”, position:“absolute” },
{ type:“input” , name:“form_Tel1”, label:“Tel.#:”, labelLeft:“235”, labelTop:“105”, inputLeft:“280”, inputTop:“105”, position:“absolute” },
{ type:“input” , name:“form_email1”, label:“eMail:”, inputWidth:“345”, labelLeft:“0”, labelTop:“130”, inputLeft:“80”, inputTop:“130”, position:“absolute” }

Is this a bug or just me not using the form properly? I need to use the absolute positions to line up all the fields perfectly.

I attached a captured screen shot of the result.


Here’s the screen shot.


in case of absolute positioned content, the size of the legend should be fixed. Unfortunately, there is not “height” attribute for it. However, you may set css class for the fieldset with the height:

.fs_info fieldset{ height:170px; }

where fs_info is fieldset className:

{type: “fieldset”, className:“fs_info”, …

The CSS code update worked like a charm!

Thanks again. I can now continue to learn to use the DHTMLX libraries.

Stephan Monette

I have the same probem.

If I put mentioned css class inside HTML header tag, it works like charm.

But if I add it into orgnal dhtmlx.css file, it does not work at all.

May I know the reason of this?