FIle browsing and opening


Good morning all!

I need to develop an ap that will open an xml file residing on the client and load it into a db.

What I need to know is what component to use and how, to open a “file open” dialog box and then access the file in javascript (I will obviously be writing all the xml parsing code).

I had a look at the file vault component, but I’m not sure thats what I want as, once uploaded to server, the file would no longer be accessible via javascript but I would need to handle it server side.

Thank you in advance



You can’t read file directly from filesystem, but you can use dhtmlxVault of file uploader control in dhtmlxForm to select and upload file to the server ( after which you can load data of uploaded file back to client )


Thanks Stan, and good to “see” you again: great minds think alike! I had exactly the same idea, but I’m having trouble with the handlers that vault uses: As you know I am developing under TOmcat with JDK 1.5, and my customer doesn’t want any JSP. Unfortunately you do not have samples of JAVA handlers for the vault. I have tried to create some using the code submitted by some users in the forum, but with no luck. Is there any working examples of JAVA handlers for the vault???


As far as I can see there is only one jsp sample, which is included in package.
If JSP doesn’t suit for your case - you can the same code , just reformat it as servlet - logic will be the same.


I tried that … but it fails. Unfortunately It’s difficult to debug servlets! I just get “Error” next to the file name in the vault when I try to upload the file!