File Location

I am going through HELL getting things to work due to location problems. Let me explain: I am working mostly with Layout, Grid and forms. I can easily get the examples to work, and create new files in the examples folders, pointing to the same .js and .css files, BUT, if I try to create projects in an other folder, and adjust all the locations of .css and .js fles accordingly everything falls apart: I get errors, styles change or dissapear, etc…

I have even tried to change samples so that all the locations are absolute instead of relative, so that “…/…/…/some.css” becomes “/dhtmlx/styles/some.css”, and, as I am the only human using “MS expression web” to develop (Don’t kill me…), it has ONE useful think, it lets you right-click on included files, and IF the path is correct then it opens them in a new window, BUT still them things break.

What is the correct minimal way to setup a “development environment”, including the generic, dhtmlx.js and dhtmlx.css, the connectors (I use mySQL), and other toys?

Please, this is driving me CRAZY!!!

a) maintain relative file positioning, so just copy dhtmlx.js and dhtmlx.css and imgs folder to the same location ( moving dhtmlx.css and imgs folder in different location will break relative paths )

b) on html page - include dhtmlx.js and dhtmlx.css by relative or absolute paths

c) add code like

Step © allows to define image path globally instead of calling grid.setImagePath and similar commands for each component.

What about the connector (php) code and other components not included in dhtmlx.js, some has pretty complex directory hiearchies?

All components which published by dhtmlx has codebase folder, which always contain files necessary for the work ( all files outside of this folders are docs and samples , they are not necessary for production )

So the safe way - you can copy content of codebase folder to any place in your system, but do not change relative position of files in that folder

Also, you can copy all codebase folders in single location ( some files will be overwritten - for example dhtmlxcommon.js, which is included in each package, but it will not cause any harm )

Thank you and have a happy xmas!