File Upload in scheduler Event custom lightbox

Hi There,

how would i Include a file upload element in the event window to attach a files (using custom detail form)and save the uploaded file to a location in server side.We also need the ability to delete , edit and upload the file in the event window.


The built in lightbox does not support uploader element. Regarding the custom form,
There is quite a lot of technics for uploading/managing files on a web page.
For instance, you can try dhtmlxValue component,


Thanks for your reply.
I am using fully custom lightbox(i m using php)…
is there any example for integrating multiple file upload to scheduler(using fully custom lightbox form).


there is no ready example. If you use custom form, the implementation is not related to the scheduler - the uploader logic will be integrated in your form. The scheduler events should only be updated with properties like file name, file url, etc.

You can check the examples of dhtmlxVault component