Filemaker Integration

Hi I am wanting to use your Gantt chart for production planning using my Filemaker Database solution. I wondered if anyone else had used Filemaker with any of your products? I can display the Gantt in a webviewer on my Filemaker layout from data I have in two tables. At the moment a script creates the JSON for the data and links. Being a newbie at this what I wanted to know is if and how to link the tables in Filemaker directly to the Gantt chart and could the data be passed both ways so it could be updated via fields or on the gantt layout? I have read through guides and forums but I just dont know enough to see what I need. Please help. Thanks.

we don’t have any experience with Filemaker, so I’m afraid you won’t get any solid advice from our tech support team.
Integration itself must be possible since all dhtmlxGantt need to display the data is correctly formed JSON,
and in order to send changes back to the database you can either use AJAX API
Or you can define a custom router function which will be called each time gantt data changes and needs to be saved to the datastore:

If you need gantt to receive updates from different sources (e.g. load changes made by other users in real-time), then you’ll have to capture these changes on the page somehow and then apply them to gantt using js API: