Fill combo with data from json file but only the first column

Hello, my json file looks like this :

“rows”: [{
“id”: “2018013108004760145981601”,
“data”: [“1”, “00000002”, “Mitel 6867i”, “7630013825739”, “154.00”]
}, {
“id”: “2018022114420695684268869”,
“data”: [“2”, “00000008”, “Dell Inspiron 7775 27 AIO”, “”, “1600.00”]

i have a combo box which i want to fill with only the first column of each row in this case the “1”,“2” .
i generate my combo like that:
{type: “combo”, name:“”,connector: “./detailType.json?data=1”, offsetTop: 7, enableTime: true } ]}
but it doesnt diplay anything at all. How can i do this any help?

I apologize for the delay with the reply.
The problem is confirmed. We’ll try to fix it in the future updates.