Fill grid via jsarray

I want to load a grid via jsarray that looks the following:

var ar = [["","",""],["asd","efs","esef"],["12","43","234"],["345","12","12"],["1","0","0"],["0","1","0"],["true","true","true"],["ii98","0","fe"],["true", "false", "true"],["cc","bb","aa"]];

and when I call


where mygrid[] is an array and currentgrid a index variable I get an “Incorrect XML” error for the first and the last element of the grid no matter how many entries i have (except for 0). Further I get a “undefined is null or not an object” error in dhtmlxcommon.js in line 673 character 4.

I am using IE8 on WinXP 32bit

I might add that none the less all rows are displayed as supposed.


Unfortunately we cannot reproduce this issue locally. Try to update your version of dhtmlxGrid