Filter a checkbox column

It’s possible to filter a column with checkbox?
I’ve tried with filterBy but it’s works only with text.

yes, it’s possible to filter a column with a checkbox.
If the problem still occures please provide any kind of sample or demo link where it can be reconstructed.


What is the correct value for “value” to filter the row with checked checkbox?

It’s possible to make complex filter with value of 2 or more columns?
For example the row with the 3rd column checked and the 5th column unchecked?

The checkbox has two available values:
1 - for checked checkbox
0 - for unchecked checkbox.

To achive your demand you may express the second papameter of filterBy() method as a function.
Look here:

It’s works if I use value of “1”. The grid shows only the rows with the checked checkbox. If I use the value of “0” the grid shows all rows (checked & unchecked).

Unfortunately we cannot reproduce this issue locally. Please provide us the complete demo where we can reproduce it

go to

See the image for istruction.

Please check answer here viewtopic.php?f=17&t=18132&p=56671#p56671

The answer on viewtopic.php?f=17&t=18132&p=56671#p56671 don’t resolve the problem.

Using state instead of value don’t solve the filtering problem.
By the way the filter needs 0 or 1 value, the state can be true or false.
I’ve added this code to solve

if (state) { SearchField = 1; } else { SearchField = 0; }

used in this way:


but work only with 1 (the grid show the rows with checked checkbox), don’t work with 0(the grid show all rows).

Please attach the completed demo to reproduce the problem … leted_demo