filter a combo with images

Hi im trying to filter a combo with images without success, how I can filter with images ? I create my own filter but either works. I cant see the images and i dont now how i can filter by that image.
Thear is a little of my bad code :frowning:


  t.innerHTML = "<div id='divComboStatus'><select id='comboStatus' name='status' opt_type='image' width='50px'> <option value='0' img_src='url(../jsps/images/okGreen.png)'></option> <option value='0' img_src='url(../jsps/images/warningSmallGif.gif)'></option>   </select></div>";
  t.onclick=t.onmousedown = function(e){(e||event).cancelBubble=true;return true};
  t.onselectstart=function(){return (event.cancelBubble=true)};
        var valueSelected = document.getElementById("comboStateFilter").value;



Best Regards

Unfortunately it is not available to display images co/coro select-box.
You will have to use dhtmlxCombo extension: … tions.html