Filter Combo Fisrt option is blank

Hi Support Team,

Please let me know how to set the first value of filter combo at the top of the Grid with value “All”.The default value blank is coming as first value and as soon as user select that blank value all records in the grid displayed.I just want to change this blank with “All” in all the header combos of the grid.


Can be done only by code modification
var l=this.collectValues©;
t.options[0]=new Option("","");

can be replaced with

t.options[0]=new Option(“All”,"");

It seems that when I add the code above, I get the error “mygrid.prototype is undefined.”  Any ideas? Thanks!

Please excuse that last question.  However, after eliminating that last error message, it’s just simply not working. Any ideas? Thanks!

Ok, I got the function to run when the combo boxes load, but I am receiving selParent.parentNode is null errors over and over again!  Perhaps I have the wrong version?

If you have replaced only one mentioned line - it must not affect any other functionality.

>>but I am receiving selParent.parentNode
Which version of the combo you are using?
( latest version, with all fixes up to date, is attached to the post ) (9.45 KB)